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    Using correct form is key, Traindotbike has plenty of videos to help build good technique
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    Weather you are a professional racer or a weekend warrior Traindotbike has solutions to help improve your performance
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    From prehab to workouts with some quality nutrition Train dot bike has you covered

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    Train dot bike is designed to help improve performance for bicycle riders of all disciplines. It contains free and paid content around Strength & conditioning and Nutrition programmes

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    Kevin Kennedy

    Strength and conditioning

    Kevin has worked in the strength and conditioning field for over 10 years as the owner and head coach of Crossfit Cork.

    Racing mountain bikes since 1998

    Multiple Crossfit certifications

    Irish Level 1 weightlifting and Weightlifting for Sports coach

    British Weightlifting Level 2 coach

    Eleiko Weightlifting for Sports coach

    (Hons) Degree in Physiology

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    Sue Quinlan


    Dr of Chiropractic (McTimoney)

    ART (Active release technique) practitioner

    FMS and SFMA qualified


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    Exercise and nutrtition advise to allow athletes reach their full potential

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    Strength and Conditioning

    Get strong

    Exercises and the reps sets to improve performance

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    Fuel for performance

    Making the right choices to fuel speed

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